Email Fundraisers All Look the Same

The tiresome techniques common in political organization fundraising must be working because everybody uses them. And if they’re working, why change them, right?

It’s possible that with some cleaning up, email fundraising could work better than it does now. So instead of calling this “Five Email Fundraising Mistakes,” let’s call this “Five Email Fundraising Cautions.” Here are the Five Cautions for folks putting together email fundraising appeals:

  1. Panic is not sustainable.
  2. Neither are alarming extremities.
  3. Don’t be a volunteer loser.
  4. Be attuned to color — red induces stress.
  5. One tiny gift will not change the world.

Let’s examine each, starting with No. 5 and working back to No. 1.

5. One tiny gift will not change the world, but maybe it can help get something done. Don’t overwhelm me with massive unrealistic promises.

An email appeal I received today includes this sentence:

Hitting this goal means we can take on the obstructionist Republicans, fight to reform our campaign finance system, and help President Obama confirm his Supreme Court nominee.

This outfit is asking me for $5 and promising that tide-turning events will result. Get real, folks. Instead of making these sweeping politician-like promises, tell me what my $5 actually will do for the cause. I’ll take you more seriously if you’re honest with me. Tell me you’ll use my money to buy envelopes or something that you can reasonably promise to achieve.

4. Be attuned to color — red induces stress. Pay attention to the nuanced effects of the color palette you choose.

The email I mentioned above has all of the donation buttons in bright red. I know, that helps me notice them. But that red induces stress and communicates a negative red-ink message. Want a nice generous color? Try green.

3. Don’t be a volunteer loser. Set goals you know you’re going to achieve and start acting like winner.

The aforementioned email had this subject line: “we fell short.” Nothing like volunteering to be a loser. For many, maybe very many, that subject line is all someone is going to read about your organization or cause. Do you really want to say “we fell short”?

2. Alarming extremities are not sustainable.

Turns out “we fell short” is what this group does NOT want to send me tomorrow if it fails to reach its midnight fundraising goal. Failing would a major disaster, according to the email. But just yesterday, I got a dozen other emails singing the same fear-based tune: Give us your money or the sky will fall. But the sky didn’t fall. This stuff gets old fast.

1. Panic is not sustainable.

The email we have been picking on has a desperate tone. If I don’t chip in, the consequences are dire. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Even if I am sympathetic to your cause, you wear me out with your unrelenting desperation.

In the current landscape, a well-reasoned realistic and somewhat optimistic appeal would stand out and perhaps even draw a donation from me. I might give simply in gratitude for your creativity.

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Firms race to strengthen encryption and privacy protections

As the Apple vs. the F.B.I. case heats up, the law enforcement agency’s pressure on the tech firm might result in even more secure encryption and tighter privacy protections.

Mashable reports that Facebook, Google and Snapchat all have quickened the pace of encryption and privacy enhancements as a result of the Apple-F.B.I. showdown.

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How busy professionals actually produce high-quality videos

In a perfect world, you would set up all your videos the way movie directors do it — with story boards, planning, scripting, careful selection of a soundtrack . . .

Yeah, right. Who has that kind of time?

In reality, you probably will shoot video when the case walks in the door, when you’re visiting your building or office or hospital, when the opportunity is there. Capturing the video is the easy part. The challenge comes when you need to organize, edit and re-edit, render and upload.

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How busy professionals produce blog posts and YouTube videos

Content marketing is all the rage.

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