Beyond media training

Today’s communication environment is varied and complicated. It goes far beyond the typical one-on-one interview with a print or broadcast reporter. Your organization’s spokespeople will deal with bloggers, independent journalists, public meetings, and any number of online engagements.

No longer is a news story an ephemeral here-today gone-tomorrow proposition. The internet means that your story will have a long life, on YouTube, shared to Facebook pages, emailed around the globe and in places we’ve not yet imagined.

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CR3AT1V3LY1NKL1N3D is here to help you make sure your story has a long and happy life. Our coaching starts with making you ready for news media interviews. But that’s just the start. You need to be ready as an effective communicator any time, anywhere. CR3AT1V3LY1NKL1N3D makes it so.

Our work is not here-today and gone-tomorrow, either. We are available for one full year following your coaching workshop to advise on news media and communication matters when you need us.

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Take the Time — or Let Us Handle It

Some people want email. Some want texts. Some want to know that the information they want/need is in a familiar place where they can find it. And some people just want to be left alone.

Your communication program should accommodate all types. Even if you think you don’t have the time to do it right, you should make the time. It’s important.

Don’t just slap all information into an email (or attachment) and send it out because it’s fast and easy that way.

Send an email if that is the way your members have told you they want to hear from you.  Ask your membership how it wishes to hear from you, and then communicate with people according to their preferences. Your communication will be more effective.

We recently set up a text-messaging service for an organization in which just a few members asked for it. They have a choice of getting all texts or just those in categories that interest them: regulatory or legislative matters, for instance.

As texting grows in popularity, this organization will have the infrastructure in place to keep up with communication trends.

Our systems save staff time and money, and improve the quality of organizational communication.

See for yourself: Let CR3AT1V3LY1NKL1N3D take on one of your communication tasks at no charge and no obligation. Click here to sign up.