Does your association grow or not?

What’s your plan to keep your professional association on a growth path? Does your plan include digital content marketing?

If it does not, then you need to take another look at the budget.

How much do you spend on printing and postage? What about the website and associated fees? How about list management? Chances are you’re spending $25,000 or more a year across buckets and outdated functions that no longer deliver a proper return to you.

All of these items are marketing, and you need to rethink how you allocate your spending on them. Think about consolidating that spending and applying it in a focused manner to the CR3AT1V3LY1NKL1N3D association communication/management solution.

You are going to reach the vast majority of your prospective new members through digital content marketing. Most organizations, including some of those competing for the same membership dollar you’re chasing, now spend about three-quarters of their marketing budgets on digital content marketing. (See the research here).

If your association is going to grow, it’s going to make the move to a comprehensive digital content marketing solution. Now is the time to talk to CR3AT1V3LY1NKL1N3D about it.

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