The five phases of social marketing


Social marketing  works for you through five phases:

  1. Plan: you develop a strategic digital marketing plan with measurable impact.
  2. Attract: you’re catching the attention of those who want/need your goods, services, or who are interested in your cause.
  3. Nurture: people are making decisions about you and you’re proving you’re worthy of keeping their attention.
  4. Convert: a new member joins your organization or a customer makes a purchase or a volunteer signs on to help you. You’ve achieved buy-in and closed a deal.
  5. Engage: your members, customers, volunteers become your vocal champions, participating in the process of bringing new constituents to you.

There are specific tools and assets to aid you as you work through all five phases. CR3AT1V3LY1NKL1N3D builds and organizes them for you, and then plays a huge role in delivering the content you will use.  Make contact to put us on your side.

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