Harmonious and Seamless Association Management and Communication

apple-iphone-smartphone-desk-1Do you feel like you’re missing out on sponsorship and advertising dollars, as well as other revenue opportunities?

Are you emailing a newsletter or annual meeting materials or the documents for the next board meeting as PDFs?

Are you cobbling together third-party websites for online event registrations or to sign up your volunteers?

Are your social media sites orphans drifting somewhere in the outer reaches of your online universe?

And what about your blog? Does it reside somewhere outside your association’s website? Do you even have a blog?

Would you like to see all of these functions and more consolidated into one easy-to-manage resource? Do you long for consistent ongoing support to produce and distribute engaging, meaningful content to your association members?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should explore CR3AT1V3LY1NKL1N3D’s  comprehensive online association management and communication solution. At the core of our program is an association website that operates like a beautiful symphony orchestra with talented musicians playing finely crafted instruments to create a harmonious and seamless whole.

Here is a brief overview of the main sections on the association management site we could put at your service:

MEMBER SERVICES: This is where members join your association, access and edit their personal or company profiles on the site, set their communication preferences, access a member directory, view membership benefits and member video testimonials, and connect with your online association community.

GET INVOLVED: This section outlines all of the opportunities to become involved with your association and its array of activities, outreach and leadership paths.

MEETINGS & EVENTS: An interactive comprehensive calendar of events is located here. Members and others will be able to register online for events and make all arrangements for attending in this section of your website.

YOUR ASSOCIATION STORE: Members and others will be able to complete online purchases of sponsorships, advertising, association-branded items, services and other items here. You could even offer classified advertising as a member benefit.

ADVOCACY (Not visible to non-members): This is the home for legislative and regulatory matters and member discussions, including a legislative action center.

CAREERS: Housed in this section are job postings and professional resources for your members.

FOUNDATION/PHILANTHROPY: This is the home for your fundraising activities. This section includes a gateway for online giving.

NEWS: Here is where your members tap into all of your association’s information sources and services, including your blog and a YouTube channel that we build for you.

If you would like to discuss how this solution can make beautiful music for your association, contact us by clicking here.

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